Energy Drink Che Rebel Spirit Classic

Che Rebel Spirit Classic


Che Rebel Spirit is an energy drink fully-loaded with natural spring water, taurine and organic vitamins, meeting with the European consumption standards.

Engineered after numerous tests over a large panel of consumers, “its unique recipe is the exclusive property of the "Che Rebel Spirit" brand. It can be consumed iced, alone, or mixed in revolutionary cocktails.

Product matters but a true revolution is set by its name too; this is why Che Rebel Spirit seemed to be the perfect choice for a great impact, introducing the world to a high quality product with a strong and impacting image.

Che Rebel Spirit Energy Drink is available in 8 ounce packaging (4, 6, 12 and 24 cans) and can also be sold individually.

A new revolution is in march, be the first to taste it!