The story of Che Rebel Spirit Energy Drink

The history of the brand


During the 2017 edition of France’s largest electronic music festival, Electrobeach, Che Rebel Spirit SAS announced the launch of a new energy drink embodying the symbols of Freedom and Rebel spirit:

A new energy drink targeting a young and outgoing customer base.

In 2017, Che Rebel Spirit™ acquired the exclusive worldwide (except Cuba) licence from Legende Gobal to use and commercialize the photographic work entitled « Guerrillero Heroico » created on March 5, 1960 in Cuba, by Mr. Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez (also known as « Korda »), in association with an energy drink.

By acquiring the exclusive rights to the most famous image of the 20th century, Che Rebel Spirit™ speaks to the youth of the world, thirsty for freedom and adventure, and laying the foundation for a global distribution strategy.